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Kitesurfing on Lyø


Kitesurfing is one of the new activities for Lyø Escape 2021. Just like the other Watersport activities Saturday is the big day. We'll make some propper fun racing Saturday afternoon.  During the Escape days we aim to run multiple clinics from pure introduction for newbies to more advanced level including e.g. jumping, tricks and foil kiting. Gear will be available for beginners from Friday. If you are If you bring you own gear you can start already Thursday. You wont need a car as  a local golf car will take you to the best spots on the island. Sunday is also in play as the last day to complete this mini kite clinic. 

And of course - as all participants the kitesurfers are part of all the fun and socializing ashore on the island at night ... goes without saying. 

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