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Welcome the "Escape Festival"

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Check out the Escape Festival but remember that sailors registered for the Lyø Escape regatta don't need a separate music festival ticket.


Lyø Escape started out in 2020 as an Escape from ... life under the restrictions of the pandemic. It was a getaway for sailors only governed by the tagline of Sailing in the Daytime - Socializing at Night. Already then it became clear for the participants that the Socializing at night part was important. And what is more important for socializing at night than music. The music part of the sailing event has since then grown stronger into a strong branch of the Escape Weekend. That's why this year we have chosen to launch a propper separate music festival to welcome also non-sailors to the magnificent island. The line up features Uffe Lorenzen, Late Runner, Nioma, Les Roux and the trio Alaska Blond who are wellknown to former Lyø Escapists.

Alaska Blond is one of the bands playing at the Escape Festival 2023.

The tickets to the music only program are sold separately on the ESCAPE FESTIVAL homepage linked to above. However if you are a sailor and of you are registered or if you chose to register Lyø Escape you will get access to all the Escape Festival's venues ... it maybe sound confusing but it's not - register for Lyø Escape and get the full package including the Short Distance Race and the Jagd-Start Sprint, followed by the Beer on the Pier Surprise and dinner Saturday night - and then add the full music program on top.

The sail race consists of two races: A short distance race and a jagd-start race. Points will be given at both both races. The winner is the boat with be best score.

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