Lyø Escape '20 - Le programme 

Friday - Tapping in

The boats arrive - they are handed out start numbers and the official Lyø Escape polo shirts

Saturday - stretching the legs

0800 Officially welcome

Morning coffee at 0805 on the harbor 

Skipper meeting from 08.30


The start is conducted via VHF starting from 09.30

9.50 Orange attention flag is set  ashore 

09.55 The rainbow flag is set and marks 5 min to the start

10.00 the Jolly Roger pirate flag set and the start goes. All boats start at the same time.

The two multihulls sail a longer course. All boats should be back between between 16 and 17

16 to 19 Beer on the Pier - and music and sausages. Monique Mai plays and sings

Dress up for dinner - hippie/casual style

19.30 dinner and jazz at the inn. Lyø Kro and Anders Kraft are cooking. Marko Martinovic Trio is playing all that jazz.

Sunday - Morning sprint

Skipper meeting at 09.30 it looks like a good breeze from the southwest

The start is conducted via VHF starting from 10.30

10.50 Orange attention flag is set ashore

10.55 The rainbow flag is seand t marks 5 min to the first start

11.00 the Jolly Roger pirate flag is set as slowest boat from Saturday starts first. Individual start time will be calculated. The boats are started via VHF and alternately Jolly Roger and the rainbow flags. The boats will be given their individual start time at the skipper's meeting.

The course is a beam reach-course on the leeward side of the island between two buoys. The exact number of loops will be announced on the skipper's meeting. 

13.30 Beer on Pier  sausages and music

14.00  The winner is honoured, applause, photo and interview. Photo shoot of participants and organisers.

15.00 Lyø Escape ends


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