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Lyø Escape '22

Thursday 18 

Late Afternoon 

Participants can enter Lyø Marina and get a berth.  Boats can moor three nights in the marina from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21nd as a part of the registration fee. Early evening Alaska Blond plays outside the beach bar opposite the club house at the end of the pier. Of course the inn Hly is open too for dinner and drinks however at the expense of the participants themselves.   

Friday 19

14:00: Shoulders down

The special island of Lyø feeling starts to set in. The shoulders come down, the breathing gets deeper and relaxed - is it happiness?Beautiful people arrive in sailboats in cruising mode or by ferry. Pier Beer and sausages are sold at the marina. If you fancy an intro to coastal rowing, Open Water swimming or if you want to try a session of Gin Tonic Yoga this is the moment. 

In the evening, Alaska Blond, plays outside the beach bar opposite the club house at the beginning of the pier. The beach bar will sell drinks and wine and Anders' special Lyø tapas.  

Saturday 20
Skipper meeting from 07.30 at the club house. Including official welcome, hand out of startnumbers, todays courses to be sailed. 


Race 1

09:00 : Stretching the legs

Distance race on star shaped course or a round the island course - depending on the wind: See the Sailing Instruction.   

Race 2

15:00 Afternoon Sprint

The boats will be given a individual start time based on their performance in Race 1. The course is a beam reach-course on the leeward side of the island between two buoys.  


Socializing for sailors

17:00 Beer on the Pier

Beer on the Pier, sausages, music - and a special surprise treat fra Anders and the Hly crew

19:00 Redress 

Get ready for the After Eight line up. Put on your party clothes and bring the dancing shoes. 

20:00 Come together 

Dinner and disco at the inn Hly. Anders Kraft and his crew will be cooking shellfish and meat dishes.

After Eight - Line Up 

Les Foux du Funk: Funk and soul music straight out of the 1970ies.

DJ Victor

Sunday 21

05:10 Escape Lyø

Hly closes. The official event is over. Get some sleep. Get reorganized. Get home. See if you can - escape Lyø. 

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