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The skipper’s meeting will be held in English at the Meeting Point on the harbor. 

This starts at 8.30 PM AUG 22.


  1. RULES

The race is governed by the The International Seaway Regulations (COLREGS) with the special regulations for navigation in certain Danish waters.


All traffic separations must be respected in accordance with Rule 10 in COLREGS. Breach of the above-mentioned rules and regulations will result in disqualification. The participants are requested to pay attention to commercial traffic as well as to other participants in the race.





Engines and other machines like generators must be used until the start signal is given (5 minutes before the start). It is allowed to use the engines in order to charge the batteries of the boats. 


As there is very shallow water on several spots on the courses of the race, it is twice permitted to sail free after a grounding with the use engine. As soon as the boat is free of the ground the engine has to be put in idle running and turned off.


The participants are allowed to row paddle or swim their vessels using oars, paddles or finns powered only by power from the participants bodies. 




The Safety Committee has the right to reject a vessel deemed unfit for the race.



Messages for the participants concerning relevant changes, corrections and warnings and important messages in connection with the start are announced via VHF Channel 72 and on the skipper’s meeting Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.



5.1 Saturday – Streaching The Legs Race - 42 Miles Round the Islands

Startline being crossed from east towards west

Heading towards Fåborg with Bjørnø on starboard. The green buoy placed outside of the harbour in Fåborg 55 5.629N 10 14.026E must be rounded. Buoy on starboard. 

Leaving Fåborg with Bjørnø on starboard side the sailors head back to Lyø for a mark rounding outside of Lyø harbour 55.3.204 N 10 9.513 E. Buoy on port.

The new bearing is easterly with Avernakø on port. 

Heading further east passing with Drejø on port and Hjortø on starboard on a north westerly heading 

Passing between Skarø on port side and Tåsinge on starboard. 

Then passing north of Skarø heading further west.

Then passing Avernakø/Korshavn with the island on the port side of the boat.  

Before heading back to Lyø and the final mark rounding outside of the northern tip of the island green buoy 55.3.913N 10. 9.046E

Finally heading south/south-east to the crossing of the finishing line.  

The course can be finalized on the day - depending on the wind.


5.2 Sunday – morning sprint Beam Reaching in the lagoon  7,8 nautical miles. 

Startline being crossed from west  towards east

Rounding green buoy 55 3.071N 10 11.926E on starboard 

Heading west for green buoy 55.3.913N 10. 9.046E at the northern tip of Lyø mark on port. 

Then the final rounding of the green buoy 55 3.071N 10 11.926E on starboard 

Heading west for the last time to round the green buoy 55.3.913N 10. 9.046E at the northern tip of Lyø mark on port. 

Before the final leg to the finishing line outside the harbor of Lyø.





Between the signal mast with Rainbow Flag and red buoy perpendicular to the shore. The startline must be crossed on a bearing from west towards east. 



The same as the starting line. The finishing line must be crossed on a bearing from east towards west on Saturday 22nd and Sundayy 23rd. 

The participant number must be readable from the harbor.




Eventual shortening because of weather conditions will be announced on the skippers meeting. 



The judge’s stand and the signal masts are located on the harbor. From here all the signals concerning the race will be displayed. 



Start procedure for all boats Saturday 22nd 2020. 

The start is communicated via VHF channel 72.

09.50 The Rainbow Flag is the attention flag. It’s set ashore. 1 sound signal

09.56 The Orange flag is set and marks 4 min to the start. 1 sound signal

09.59 The Orange flag is lowered. 1 sound signal 

10.00 The Jolly Roger pirate flag set. 1 sound signal. 



Start procedure for boat #1 (the slower boat on the course Saturday) Sunday 23nd 2020. 

The start is transmitted via VHF channel 72.

10.50 The Rainbow Flag is the attention flag. It’s set ashore. 1 sound signal

10.56 The Orange flag is set and marks 4 min to the start. 1 sound signal

10.59 The Orange flag is lowered. 1 sound signal 

11.00 The Jolly Roger pirate flag set. 1 sound signal. 


Based on the performance Saturday the boats will start individually so the slower starts first. 

The boats are started via VHF and alternately Jolly Roger and the Orange flags. The boats will be given their individual start time at the skipper's meeting.


All participating boats waiting to start must keep clear and remain in the area west of the starting line with a distance of at least 200 meters. As soon as a boat has started the next boat in line is allowed into the starting area close to the starting line. 



The Race Committee can postpone a start. The signal flags Orange and Jolly Roger together with 2 sound signals mark a postponement. The postponement will be announced via VHF channel 72.

Postponement stops: When the flags Orange and Jolly Roger is lowered along with 1 sound signal, the warning signal will be given 5 minutes later to continue the starting procedure.



There will be no recalls. If any part of the hull, crew or equipment of the boats is on the course side of the starting line will be penalized by a minimum of 30 minutes. No boats are allowed to turn and restart by returning to the starting line.



There is a time limit for completion of the race at Saturday the 22nd of August 2020 at 17.00.



A protesting boat must carry the red flag right after the incidence the caused the protest.

A protest hearing will take place at the harbor right after the race. 

Decisions made by the race officer cannot be appealed to any other administrative authority.



The participants in Lyø Escape are obliged to render all possible assistance they can for any person or vessel, which is in danger. If such assistance is rendered during the sailing, time compensation can be requested if it is based on a statement that your final position in Lyø Escape has been considerably diminished without your own guilt because you have rendered assistance.


The request must be in writing and identify the cause for this and the request has to be handed to the Bureau within the timeframe for protests. A red flag is not required.



In connection with receiving the start numbers the participant declares that the boat is in a seaworthy shipshape and safe state. 

All participating skippers must state the phone number to the relatives and the Race Committee when getting the material for the race.



A boat which withdraws from the race or in any other way suspends the race is obliged to state this to the Race Committee on phone number: +45 4195 2150 as soon as possible.

It is not permitted to receive any kind of assistance during the races at sea.



The winner of Lyø Escape 2020 is the first boat to cross the finishing line on Sunday 23rd. There is an applause from the fellow participants and a photo is taken of the winners and the participants. The winner win receive the file by email after the race. 



The award ceremony takes place at the Meeting Point tent Sunday 23rd. at 14.00.



The participant confirms by his/her signature at the registration that the participation in the race is fully at his/her own risk. Vegvisir Race does not take any responsibility for damage to materials, personal injury or death, which happens because of tragic accidents before, during or after the race.



Each participating boat must have a valid third-party liability insurance. Documentation for valid insurance must be presented at the registration.


NB! The Race Committee has the right to change the sailing instructions before the skippers meetings. 

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