Courses Sailing Events '21

Distance Race 20 NM 


Start from EAST towards NORTH WEST: Startline between a orange buoy outside the harbour and a flag pole ashore. Circumnavigate Lyø, the island on port.

Mandatory points: WP #9 green buoy Pos: 55 3.912 N 10 9.046 E on port. And WP #2 55 3.072 N 10 11.926 E on port.

The finish line is the same as starting line. Sailing direction to finish: from EAST towards WEST.

NB: The course can be changed until the skippers meeting.  

Skærmbillede 2021-08-18 kl. 23.41_edited.jpg

The Sprint Jagt Start 8 NM. Start line/finish line outside the harbor between a buoy orange color and flag pole ashore. The starting line must be crossed from west towards east. Two time round the following triangle: Green buoy 55 3.072 N 10 11.926 E on port. Green lateral buoy 55 3.912 N 10 9.046 E on port. Buoy orange color outside the harbor on port. After second lap the finish line is crossed from west to wards east. First boat over the line wins.