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Coastal Rowing at LYØ ESCAPE

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In 2021 we introduce Coastal Rowing as the first LYØ Escape discipline Our ambition is that the event will develop into a full week of watersport events where the participants can meet and greet across different sports cultures and nationalities. The epicenter of the the activities is of course Lyø with its distinct island vibes and cool ambience. 


Made possible by Liteboat Denmark

This year we are happy to announce that coastal rowing is made possible together with Liteboat Denmark who will supply the brand new Open water and Coastal rowing boats exclusively to the event. The boats available for the event will be no less that a 4X with cox, a 3X, a 2X and a 1X. 


What is coastal rowing?

Coastal and offshore rowing is a type of rowing performed at sea. Due to the harsher conditions encountered, the boats are wider and more robust than those used on rivers and lakes. In North America, this sport is often called open water rowing. In other words - these boats are faster, more safe and more fun to row that the conventional rowing boats and hence perfectly fitted for the waters surrounding Lyø. 


Saturday 21st

0900: Boats will arrive with the ferry

10.00: Introduction by Island hopping starts

After a quick rigging of the boats and instructions boats will be manned depening on number of participants, skills and experiences. We set out on a 15-20 km row around the LYØ area. Depending on the weather the the islands of Bjørnø, Svelmø and Avernakø can be part of the route. We row in one group. If possible we will beach the boats for changing crews and boats – or we'll do it the water. 

1500: Afternoon sprints 

We set up a short course off the beach of LYØ for sprints and other fun competitions with the boats.

Also open for free “try outs” for others 

1800: Pier Beer

Meet up with the rest of the participants from sailing, and possibly Open Water Swimming and Kitesurfing on the Pier at the port of Lyø from a chill beer and the chance to meet other cultures. 


2000: The Lyø Escape party including dinner, drinks (one free for each participant) jazz, disco and dancing. 

Sunday 22nd 

0900 - 1100: The possibility to try out one  or more of the for brand new LiteBoats. All interested are welcome.    

What to bring:

Your own lifejacket, bathing clothes, sun protection etc. 

You are also welcome to come join in and bring your own boat. We also welcome kayakers as long as they bring their own boats.

If you bring your own rowboat please email us:  

For further information on registration and what's included hit the button below. 

Rigget 2 årer
LR2X i DK_Hvidovre strand
LS1X i Vattern
2+1 scull 3
LiteQuattro_Liteboat_09 (002)
Rigget 2 årer
treer scull 5
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